Noble Men Bow Ties
"Tying the Past to the Present"

Noble Men Bow Ties provides exquisite varieties of fashionable bow ties for all occasions. Whether one is attending a business meeting, football game, or participating in a wedding, Noble Men Bow Ties has the perfect bow tie for you. In addition, each tie is inspired from a noble man of the past. So many noble men have gone unnoticed. These noble men include artists, musicians, poets, and activists who have made a huge impact in the lives of others through their crafts. Because of this, our motto, "Tying the Past to the Present", aims to educate our customers about these great noble men and women, as well as honor these noble men and women in the process.


It's bow tie revolution! Noble Men Bow Ties are not only just for men, but women, children, and's best friends too! Interested in looking and feeling grand and impressive in appearance as well as gaining a little bit of knowledge too? Noble Men Bow Ties will have you looking and feeling intelligent and at your best!

What Drives Us

Noble Men Bow Ties is a representation of transformation from boys and girls to men and women of distinction. Our bow ties are a symbol of knowledge, as it reflects a depiction of an open book. Our goals are to provide outstanding quality bow ties, and "tie" the past to the present by educating our customers to become knowledgeable about the accomplishments of noble men throughout American history.